CCC Meetup Topics – February 2012 Brainstorm

6 Mar

Here are the quick and dirty results from our brainstorm at February’s meetup on future topics for the meetup: working session

  • They can host in SF
  • How-to on creating a winning campaign
  • Provide an insider’s view
  • Opportunity to provide feedback to them

Speed dating with your elevator pitch/messaging

Share new social tools (like Pinterest)

Social CRM – blending social media and CRM to create a better engagement process

Reporting and metrics

  • Segmenting with social media (also relates to Social CRM)

Writing workshops –> pick a theme (websites, donor letters, thank you letters)

Social media success stories

Time management

Making the case for more support

Focus groups

Advertising/online advertising

Google Adwords

Do you have any other ideas? OR, would you like to facilitate one of these topics? These topics can now all be found in this public google document, and they are wanting facilitators. Remember, this is an organic meetup. You don’t have to be an expert to facilitate a topic, you just have to have an interest.

Please also consider hosting the meetup. That schedule can be found on the second worksheet in this google doc.


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